The Story Behind Our New Look

White cards displaying fake headlines from established news and media companies. The featured image is from The New York Times and the headline is “Remote Healthcare is Easier Than Ever”.
A light blue background with yellow squares. The squares read (top row, left to right) Altruistic, Open Source Focused, Ambitious but Not Ego Driven, Technology & Design Focused, (second row, left to right)MVP Driven, Genuine, For Self-Starters, Full of Potential
  1. We want to stay open source focused.
  2. We want to expand our market perception from being technology focused to being technology and design focused.
  3. We want to continue to cultivate a culture of altruistic and driven contributors who want to make an impact through their work.
A light blue background with yellow Post-It notes. The notes each have an icon and piece of feedback.
4 rows of cards expressing Mediacurrent’s brand personality. First row: Curious, Perceptive, Insightful, Tenacious. Second row: Realistic, Logical, Opinionated, Down-to-Earth. Third row: Crafted, Technical, Timeless, Skilled. Fourth row: Altruistic, Intentional, Humble, Generous.
A collage of images with bright, saturated colors from 70s, 80s and 90s design.
A collage of images with simplified color palettes, sans serif fonts and visual grids.
A collage of images, many have dark backgrounds with bright colors and gradients.
Blue background with Modern Era in white.
A four column grid of Mediacurrent’s brand colors: Blue, Grey, Gold and Yellow
A dark blue background with icons from the Material Design library and large light blue asterisk.
The previous version of the Mediacurrent logo on the left and the two new logo elements on the right. The badge icon is on top and the Mediacurrent wordmark is below it.
The Mediacurrent wordmark with the badge icon used in superscript to appear as a trademark or copyright symbol.
A blue background with mockups of print pieces with the Mediacurrent logo and icon set.




An Open Source Product Agency

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An Open Source Product Agency

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