Why Open Source?

2 min readApr 22, 2022

There are probably way too many proverbs, idioms, cliches, and misattributed quotes about the power of collaboration. For centuries, thinkers, writers, sports stars, filmmakers, and anonymous figures have given their take on the same idea — we are better when we work together. Collaboration fuels inventions, industries, masterpieces and movements and it is the driving force behind Open Source software.

We are an Open Source Product Agency. We define, design and deliver websites, platforms and digital experiences with an Open Source approach.

A light blue background with various stickers, one is a large blue asterisk, one is a white globe surrounded by the words Open Source. The Mediacurrent wordmark is in the lower right hand corner.

An Open Source approach to product development allows for higher quality, greater reliability, more flexibility and lower costs. By using Open Source platforms, libraries and packages, we don’t have to start from scratch. We can build on foundations that have been road tested. We can work with maintainers from all over the world who are committed to improving their products to make other technology better.

But to us, Open Source means more than software. It’s the idea that work is better when it’s shared openly, a good idea can come from anywhere, products of all kinds should be released early and often and the best things are made by a committed community. At Mediacurrent, we take an Open Source approach in everything we do. We collaborate across disciplines and take inspiration and input from our full project team and our client partners. We get to making quickly and build our muscles through continuous release and iterative improvement. We contribute code, we share our insights and we try to make the internet a better place for all who use it.

We are Mediacurrent, an Open Source Product Agency.